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Why choose the
Egyptian Arabian?

  Currently there are less than 18,000 Straight Egyptian Arabians in the World.  This is approximately 2%
of the total
 Arabian Horse Population.
The key to success in any livestock breeding is prepotency (the ability of an individual to significantly influence its offspring).  Value is determined by prepoteny and quality, and Egyptian horses are the most prepotent strain of Arabian Horse.  No other strain of Arabian was selected as carefully from such a large group as when Abbas Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt, selected his original breeding stock during the early 1800's after his grandfather conquered the Arabian Peninsula.  This group was selectively bred, ruthlessly culled and kept intact by a strict breeding philosophy through a succession of dedicated breeders to the present.  The key to their success as breeding horses is their high degree of linebreeding and inbreeding for 150 years to create prepotency for desirable characteristics.  
This combination of quality, scarcity and genetic prepotency has created and maintained substantial values for Egyptian Horses.